The Richmond County Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce

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Black & Minority Business Network On Staten Island


Amplifying the reach of our member businesses


Achieve success and consistently produce successful results.


Share positive experience with the company to other people.


The Richmond County Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce (“BMC”)

is an independent affiliate of The National Black Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of African American communities with 140 affiliated chapters locally based throughout the nation as well as international affiliate chapters in Bahama, Brazil, Columbia, Ghana, Cameroon and Jamaica.

The Women Initiative

The Women Initiative at BMC, we are dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. Our initiative, launched in April 2024, aims to provide a supportive community and resources to help women achieve their business goals.

Young Professionals

More details coming soon.




Education and Advocacy

Learn more about public policy issues such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Global Client Regulations, Risk Management Practices, Tax Laws, Brownfields and other important issues that concern local businesses and our community.*

Mentoring and Outreach

BMC works closely with NBCC to provide consulting opportunities to corporate and government entities concerning their outreach and diversity expansion on specific projects.

Legislative Workshops

The BMC will provide important information on issues that affect our local businesses and community.


Receive a business directory of Black, Minority and Woman Enterprices (M/WBE) to promote business-to-business connections.

Legal Services

Provide with legal referrals for local business' needs. Provide profesional advisory referrals to address local business' needs.

Monthly Meetings

Brings together Black and Minority business owners into an information sharing , networking and relationship bilding forum.